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Tuesday, August 14, 2012
The payday industry has grown especially with the economic climate of the world today. More and more people are loosing there jobs and consumers are falling behind on not only the credit card payments but also there rent and expenses they need to get by day to day. With this happenining business is booming for payday loan companies. The biggest problem payday lead companies is finding is matching the qualified clients with their selves. With that problem in the air payday lead companies are popping up to fulfill that need.

There are many different payday loan companies in the gene pool so the most important factor is choosing the correct company to supply your company leads. There are many different type of payday leads. There are exclusive which generally means that the company has exclusive rights to that payday lead for a specific time. Most exclusive leads are for around 30 days after this time the lead company resale’s the leads. If they tell you they don’t most of they are giving you incorrect information. After this time of 30 days they sell the lead as semi-exclusive for a while.

Some companies mix up semi-exclusive with aged leads. They are basically the same thing unless the aged lead is over 3 years old at which it is considered antique after this period of time. You should never pay more for semi-exclusive then you pay for aged leads although some companies try to sell them different. Leads go down in value as the age gets older. An example would if you bought the lead new for 20$ as soon as it reaches a week old it goes down to 8$. Followed by 1 week to 90 days its value then goes down to around 5$. Any time from 90 days to a year around 3$. Then one to two years old would mean the value around 2$. Then any time after two years a value of around twenty five cents and even cheaper if you were to buy mass bulk aged leads.

Aged leads work well for dialers or for your reps to work while they are getting delivered real time leads. Closing ratios are generally around 5 percent compared to the 20-30 supported by good real time exclusive leads. But at 5 percent some chose aged leads as they cost less in the long run and deliver great results with just a little bit more work. So aged leads can be great for start ups that don’t have the capital to buy 20 grand worth of real time leads and they can also be good for any call center using dialers. Some companies prefer to work only with aged leads as they see the cost value of them. And since they have worked with many scrupulous companies that promise real time leads and only deliver non exclusive real time leads. Hence they get the exact same lead for a nickel of the price.

Non exclusive payday leads are the same as real time leads provided on a daily basis. Non exclusive leads are really good. Most of the time many pay lead companies sells you exclusive leads and tell you they are exclusive when in fact they are non exclusive. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for and when in doubt buy non exclusive as you will get a discount and many times the same leads you would buy exclusive.

Many payday loan companies are missing out buy only buying real time exclusive leads while the few smart payday loan companies are making hand over foot using aged and non-exclusive leads while it’s saving them a ton of money on cost of leads.

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